Homeowner getting help fixing crumbling roof

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Four months after refusing to leave her home, a Kansas City homeowner is getting help to fix her crumbling roof.

Janice James has lived in her Northeast home for years.

Back in August, her front porch collapsed sending the fire department and building inspectors to check the house. At the time, she refused to leave.

"I wanted my own home," she said, telling 41 Action News she could not afford to move or fix the roof.

KCPD Social Worker Trena Miller helped form a collaborative effort with several city agencies. Together they lined up the necessary resources to fix James' home.

So far, the plumbing and electrical work inside the home has been completed. A new roof is expected to be installed soon.

The work is being paid for by the city's Municipal Court fund and the city's Housing Repair Fund. Its 'Love Thy Neighbor' program is helping too.

The city anticipates the work to be completed, weather permitting, at the end of the year.

"I am glad something is being done. I've fought for several years now for it to be done," said James.

from Local News | KSHB https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/homeowner-who-refused-to-leave-house-now-getting-help-to-fix-holes-in-roof

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