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Missouri teen with big heart asks girlfriend and girl with special needs to homecoming

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CENTERVIEW, Mo. — A local teen has two dates to homecoming this year and it is all due to his big heart.

Jaron Terry, a Sophomore and varsity football player at Crest Ridge High School in Centerview, Mo., had the sweet idea to ask his girlfriend and a student with special needs to homecoming this year. Both girls are sophomores too.

Jaron’s mom Jennifer Nellesen tells FOX4 Jaron’s girlfriend, Emma McQuitty plays volleyball and Jolene, who has special needs goes with the volleyball team like a manager.

“He had the idea, and asked me to help, and keep it a secret. It turned out perfect!”

Jennifer posted the special moment on Facebook Saturday saying “Jaron is such a thoughtful young man, makes my heart so happy!! He is lucky enough to have 2 dates, since Emma and Jolene both said YES!! Bring on Homecoming!!!”

Jaron asked both girls by handing them a volleyball with text written on it asking each one to the dance followed by a yes and no box for each girl to mark their responses. Lucky for Jaron, both marked yes.

Emma said “the best part of this is that I get to share this moment with Jolene!”

“It was just really special, and this little girl is so loved at our school, it’s all just really awesome,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said the moment was just so special not to share and that everyone could learn from these young kids.




from FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports https://fox4kc.com/2018/09/15/missouri-teen-with-big-heart-asks-girlfriend-and-girl-with-special-needs-to-homecoming/

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