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Joe’s Weather Blog: Still days away from a chance of widespread rain (SUN-9/16)

Good Sunday afternoon…another hot and muggy weekend in KC with this day resembling more of July weather in KC as opposed to mid September weather. Average highs for this time of the year are around 80°…and here we are tempting 90° this afternoon and with dew points well into the 60s to near 70°…it’s toasty out there for sure.

Florence is now about to be unclassified as it crawls along through western SC. The worst of the rains are still in NC and rainfall records are dropping like the flooding rains that are falling. More on that in the discussion.


Tonight: Fair and mild with lows near 70°

Monday>Wednesday: Partly cloudy with just a slim risk of a pop-up. VERY isolated and highs should be near or above 90°, especially TUE>WED


Next chance of something decent in the rain department is the end of the week. Still some questions about timing…probably near or after lunch Thursday into early Friday morning (at least) and how far the front will pass through the region. Temperatures will be hot ahead of the front and more seasonable behind the front…although south winds could come back faster next weekend.

Meanwhile the Florence situation isn’t getting much better and the spread of catastrophic flooding is expanding through NC especially.

At 9AM this morning Wilmington, NC went over 86.8″ or so for the year…breaking the most rains ever there in record history…back into the 1880s.

Tornado warnings…flash flood warnings and emergencies…rivers that have never been as high as they are now…all common in that part of the country.


Data from this part of the country indicates easily over 24-30″ of rain…and keeping in mind that some doppler indicated rain totals went missing yesterday with radar downtime in the storm…these numbers are probably underestimating things.

Here are some actual totals…

That top total is a record from a tropical cyclone of any type in North Carolina.

There are some 23 river gauges at or above flood status right now…and more will be added.

Some of these rivers running 20-30 FEET above what their normal levels are.

Many areas that have never seen flooding are going through it now. Many areas that flooded during prior hurricanes are flooding worse now…just a bad situation. I-95 in most of NC is closed and will be for days while I-40 from Wilmington to central NC is also closed due to flooding.


This was always going to be a flood storm more than anything else…and that’s what it will be whenever things finally wind down.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world…there is a typhoon (the same as a hurricane but often stronger at landfall) that is hitting Hong Kong. The videos have been stunning ad show what happens when a big storm hits a huge city and the infrastructure related to big cities.

Check out what happens!


oh and tornadoes too!



It’s killed at least 40 in the Philippines so far…and I’m sure more will be added to this. This is from Typhoon Mangkhut.


Our feature photo comes from Allison (@AlizayKC) as some minor fall colors are starting to show up in a few of the trees out there.



from FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports https://fox4kc.com/2018/09/16/joes-weather-blog-still-days-away-from-a-chance-of-widespread-rain-sun-9-16/

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