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Joe’s Weather Blog: PM edition-Now the focus shifts to the cold for a week (THU-1/11)

Good afternoon…and what a change from yesterday when highs were well into the 50s in the region, Now the wind chill factor is closer to 0° (and dropping) and colder air is still spilling into the region. There is some nuisance snows out there but overall most roads south of I-70 are in pretty OK shape. Farther north…it is slicker and area wide all untreated surfaces (sidewalks/parking lots etc) are very slick. The snow will wind down before the end of the afternoon. The focus on this afternoon’s blog will be the cold weather. Friday’s blog will deal with the drought situation. This moisture is only of marginal help in that regard. So far KCI has had .21′ of moisture from this system. Some have had more however north and west of I-35 it seems.

Also just a continual thanks for making FOX 4 the #1 newscast in KC. As the weather was becoming more and more important, from morning to night yesterday FOX 4 was the dominant station again in KC. I don’t get into that stuff…typically ever…but just wanted to say thanks. 


Tonight: Clearing skies and cold…with lows in the single digits and sub-zero wind chills

Friday: Mostly sunny and chilly with highs into the 20s

Saturday: Cold again with mainly cloudy skies and a few snow flurries. Highs around 20°

Sunday: There may be a few patches of light snow somewhere in the area. Dusting at best. Highs will “warm-up” to around 25-30°.

There’s no need to go over everything that I wrote in this mornings blog…so let’s try to “advance the story” as we say.

It’s cold out there…note the temperatures showing up in RED on the latest surface map. Those winds are howling and gusting to about 30 MPH

Here is the 1PM surface map…

The cold air has invaded…we went from a 12AM high of 51° to a temp of 41° at 6AM to a noon temperature of 19° with wind chills of near 0°. That’s an impressive cold front. This cold air is dumping through the I-44 corridor as I type this.


Sending temperatures downwards from closer to about 60° into the 20s in a matter of about 1-2 hours or so. Right ahead of the front it’s 69° in Peoria, IL at 1PM…it’s about to plummet there too!

This map via OK Mesonet will constantly give you the latest wind chills…

and the latest temperatures.

This is a pretty strong but seasonal shot of cold weather moving into the area.

You can see the cold air mass dumping southwards…

It’s really mild ahead of the front…record warmth in some areas in the NE that have had a lot of snow lately. Hello Buffalo, NY! Record high of 60° at least today…but then this is coming tomorrow


You can appreciate the weather change more when looking at how things have changed in the last 24 hours.

Look at Dodge City…50° colder as I type this (1PM obs)

So now let’s transition this blog to colder weather. We all remember how brutally cold it was to start the year. Well there is more and more data pointing towards another arctic invasion that will be moving into the area early next week. There are some subtle differences but the air mass on the way for Monday into Wednesday AM is about as cold as the one that started the New Year.

If you remember in yesterday’s blog I showed the temperatures just above the surface on 1/1/18…then compared that map to the EURO forecast for Tuesday morning…and they were very close. Today’s data is still on that road to nasty cold. It’s about as cold farther up too. So for those who remember how cold we got on 1/1…around -10° on average in the KC metro area…I’m very concerned that something close to that could happen again…something in the -5 to -10° range. There are the usual caveats…will the winds drop off (not sure) and will there be clouds ((doubtful)

The next issue is will there be any snow? There are chances. One is Saturday…that looks to be flurries or nothing. Another is Sunday…that has a bit of potential but as a disturbance comes out of the northern Plains. Really it’s warmer air aloft coming SEwards ahead of the change early Monday. Clouds will be generated from this…but there may very well be some areas of light snow in the region as well. It doesn’t look like much IF it even happens (under 1″ or so).

Then there is Monday…and I’m becoming intrigued. Actually it’s more like later Sunday night into early Monday. As this arctic air moves into the area…and interacts with the warmer air fighting into the area ahead of it…a large area of clouds will be developing through the upper Midwest and streaming our way. How long this moisture can survive in the dry air aloft remains to be seen and whatever would happen, snow-wise, would be fast and only last about 6 hours (if that) and it would be over with by daybreak Monday BUT IF we can get 1-2″ out of that…watch out TUE and WED AM for real low temperatures. We were missing that aspect on the 1st of the month and it still tanked to 11 below locally at KCI…with near 20 below in N MO where there was snow on the ground.

There are some subtle differences though…and we’ll have to see about the winds dropping off…but it’s something to really pay attention to.

Meanwhile there’s this….

OK that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be on the 9AM show (9:45 am) talking about the success of the weather blog over the years when it comes to keeping KC informed. The weekly segment (for now) will talk about some of what I’ve written over the last week…some stats etc. Should be fun and I’m looking forward to it! My friend Gary Lezak presented at the AMS conference yesterday about the success of his blog. He texted me about it and I was trying to remember when I started this up soo many years ago. He thought it was around 2001 or so. I thought earlier but let’s go with that. About 325 blogs per year…each blog is at least 1000 words most of the time (some a lot longer)…so that’s some 325,000+ words/year…times 17 years so far…that’s over 5.5 MILLION typed words regarding the weather.

How many is that…well the King James version of the Bible has around 780,000 words…so the blog word totals are the equivalent of about 7 bibles worth!

The longest book written was some 2.1 million words in 1932 or so…the FOX 4 Weather blogs is more than twice that length! War and Piece was around 600,000 words…the FOX 4 Weather Blogs over the past decade and a half is about 9 times bigger than that!

Leave it to me to come up with that random information.

Our feature photo comes from Viktoria Foxfang on Twitter

This blog was 1130 words. 🙂


from FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports http://fox4kc.com/2018/01/11/joes-weather-blog-pm-edition-now-the-focus-shifts-to-the-cold-for-a-week-thu-1-11/


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